How to reach Hvar?

Sunset over the Mountains

Unfortunately, we still do not make a transfer service from the airport to the hotel.

We recommend you to take an airport shuttle bus that drives from the Resnik airport to the bus station in Split or take a city cab from the airport to the bus station.

Ride would last appx 30 minutes.

*one useful information: Bus station in Split is just opposite of the port (ferry/catamaran port).


Sailing Rope

FERRY/CATAMARAN: From Split you can take ferry or catamaran to reach Hvar island.

The main difference between ferry and catamaran is that ferry is bigger boat and it accepts vehicles as well while catamaran accepts passangers only.


Ferry drives 2 hours to reach Hvar island - it stops in Stari Grad port (15 km away from the hotel) and catamaran stops in Hvar port (5 km away from our hotel). Once when you arrive on the island we are able to organize a shuttle for you to the hotel.